Monique Pritchett


Picklr is a “passion project” of mine. Initially, it was a school project. I had to create and app for a very specific, niche market. I conducted all the research, created personas, user flows and journeys and made an app. This was a few years ago now and it felt very dated. One of my goals with Picklr was to challenge people’s perceptions about pickles and create a community around this craft. I think pickles are underrated and any modern foodie like myself should appreciate them more. I felt in order to meet that goal, making just an app wasn’t good enough. So for now, Picklr is a work in progress as a subscription service brand.

Subscription box services have skyrocketed over the past three years. According to research conducted by Shorr Packaging, 21.4 million people visited subscription box sites in 2016. With this in mind, I moved away from the stereotypical imagery and rustic aesthetic and chose bright, fun colors and modern type treatments. I deconstructed some of the recipes I liked most for a photoshoot. I’ve used the recipe pattern photos as branded content for the instagram and the website. Included here are some examples of packaging and branded merchandise, recipe cards, the Instagram feed, and the home page of the website.

Branding, Visual Design