Monique Pritchett

Impressions of Paris:An Artist's Sketchbook

I have worked under the direction of artist Cat Seto for a few years now. I had the honor and privilege to help her build her book, "Impressions of Paris: An Artist’s Sketchbook." HaperDesign published the book but Cat insisted on a very hands-on approach to the design and marketing of the book. We performed majority of the reachout and I also took the most of the product shots and mock ups. She wanted to layout everything and choose the full look and feel herself. As Cat would finish off a chapter she would feed me the Photoshop files of her illustrations along with her word document of text and have me layout each page. From there, she entrusted me with finding different options for the type treatments. I also assisted with design direction of the front cover.

Also shown bellow was a stop motion piece created for the Impressions of Paris book. Rachel Mhoon, the studio assistant, collaborated with me for the storyline of the videos and she cut out all the pieces. I personally directed the movements, took the photos, and edited the video in Final Cut Pro. Cat has used the videos we made as marketing for her book on her Instagram and Facebook.

Photo, Video, and Marketing
Video, Stop Motion, Marketing, Visual Design, Photography