Monique Pritchett

MoniqueVisual Design

Hey there! I'm a visual designer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Please shoot me an email at for questions or comments. Thanks!

B.A.D. Posters

Posters / Personal Project

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  • Picklr

    Branding / Personal Project

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  • Chute White Paper

    Hijacked Hashtags White Paper

    Layout / Chute

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  • Logo Designs

    Logo Design

    Logo Creation / School Project

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  • We the Women Posterzine

    Year of the Woman "Posterzine"

    Layout / Personal + Studio

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  • App Design


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  • De Young Booklet

    De Young Booklet

    Photography + Layout / School Project

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  • Impressions of Paris book stop motion video and other promotional items

    Impressions of Paris Book

    Stop Motion Video + Marketing Design / Ferme a Papier

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  • Photography

    Green Photos

    Photography / School Project

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  • Work from Ferme a Papier

    Lookbooks & Catalogs

    Misc. / Ferme a Papier

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  • Email Layout Campaigns


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